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2nd audio Submission

2008-08-22 21:18:55 by tottel-be

There it is,
finally.. My second submission.
It's been in my head for quite some time, but at last it has been recorded.

This is quite a special song to me, it must have been one of the first that I ever 'composed', improving it as I got to learn improvisation (which I can recommend to everyone! Just start playing something..)
So.. One day, I just stood in front of my piano and thought, why not record it now? see what the qualtity will be.. use some noise reduction, and we'll see..
I know, I still don't have the proper apparature.. but at least I know what to get now.. I just have to go out and get it :)

Now then.. please, please let me know what you think of it.. I will read all reviews, and write a reaction on each and everyone of them..I can learn from these critics...

I also noticed the first one to vote gave it a zero, only 30 seconds after it has been uploaded..
Please listen to it all before you vote, and if it's not your style, don't vote at all :S

A new Hope

2008-05-31 06:01:32 by tottel-be

Ok.. I've finally put something together..
Since this is my first upload on newgrounds, it's awaiting approval.
It is but a small test, but stil, I think I can at last begin making my songs.

Please let me know what you think of it, I will read all the comments, and try to learn from it.

Thank you to all the people who supported me, no matter how long it took me to create my first little test.


EDIT: Ok.. my super positive opinion on newgrounds got a bit worse.. 16 days.. I uploaded my song 16 days ago, and it hasn't been approved yet!! I mean come on! How is this possible?

A new Hope

All hope on audio now...

2007-11-04 16:28:01 by tottel-be

I guess I made this account, hoping that someday I might be making good flash movies.
As I realised not too long ago, there won't be any... Drawing just isn't a talent of mine.
What i do really love, is playing music. i recently bought a digital piano, and from now on, my goal is to create audio files that will move your soul...
I've recently finished my first song ever(!!), but i'm having trouble converting it to mp3...,
so I really can't do anything with it now.
I try to practice as much as possible, but it's just hard to come up with something good. I think I'm to much bound to the styles that I was taught in the music classes. Altough I must admit that they were very useful in learning how to play well, they're just useless when I try to make the music that I really love. What music is that? just search for "MilkMan-Dan" in the audioportal, and you'll soon figure out what I mean...