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Entry #3

2nd audio Submission

2008-08-22 21:18:55 by tottel-be

There it is,
finally.. My second submission.
It's been in my head for quite some time, but at last it has been recorded.

This is quite a special song to me, it must have been one of the first that I ever 'composed', improving it as I got to learn improvisation (which I can recommend to everyone! Just start playing something..)
So.. One day, I just stood in front of my piano and thought, why not record it now? see what the qualtity will be.. use some noise reduction, and we'll see..
I know, I still don't have the proper apparature.. but at least I know what to get now.. I just have to go out and get it :)

Now then.. please, please let me know what you think of it.. I will read all reviews, and write a reaction on each and everyone of them..I can learn from these critics...

I also noticed the first one to vote gave it a zero, only 30 seconds after it has been uploaded..
Please listen to it all before you vote, and if it's not your style, don't vote at all :S


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2008-08-22 21:29:41


Listening to it now!


2008-08-22 21:31:22

The only problem is that I get this wierd sound in the background.

It digs deep into my heart and makes me fell as if I'm being controlled.

tottel-be responds:

I know :) that's the guality problem
You see, when I recorded it, I had lots of noise in the background.. I could remove all of it, but since it was that much, you hear very small pieces of 'digital glass'.
I'm still looking how to clean it up, but this was the best I could get for now.

Thank you for your review